1. AC Question's Avatar
    i am using htc desire 816 phone i downloaded video through tube mate that videos not showing in gallary nad mx player aslo it can play thorgh tube videos download list ..can you pls help
    09-17-2014 01:29 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! What format does Tubemate download in, and where does it download to? Are you sure the format is one that the Gallery can recognize? If the videos download to a specific Tubemate folder (and not the Downloads folder), there might be a ".nomedia" file in that folder, which instructs the system's Media Scanner to ignore that folder when looking for photos and videos to put in the Gallery.

    What do you mean it can play through tube videos download list?
    09-17-2014 12:12 PM
  3. Roseann2843's Avatar
    Downlorder videos not showing on video app
    01-28-2018 09:21 PM

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