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    Hi everyone,

    Recently i've noticed my phone is blinked on/off in very short time (about 0.1 second, if you don't pay attention you can't notice it), and it happened randomly, i don't know it exactly when it will blink on and off (only in 3 minutes, it blinked two times, but sometimes it take about 7-8 minutes). I found out by accident, when i were thinking and stared at my phone. First, i thinks the problem is cooked rom and/or some apps make it happen. (i'm using xperia s).

    But yesterday, when my friend ask me to help his phone xperia iron run faster, because he installed many junks. I keep his phone and factory reset, format internal (he hold the sd card). But i'm surprised, even with factory reset, format all and no sim card or turning on wifi, his phone get the same problem as me, blinking instantly at the random time.

    So i suppose the cause is not junk apps, cooked rom (his phone is not even rooted). The cause must be the phone or the OS itself. Anyone if you have some free time pls test it out and let me know.

    p/s: the blinking is almost instantly, so you need to place your phone near your sight to notice it
    09-18-2014 12:10 AM
  2. nbtthief's Avatar
    sorry for the late reply, i think the problem is os, too. I'll try it out, thanks
    09-21-2014 12:34 AM

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