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    153 views and not a single response ....someone please help

    Ok I been researching for the past 2 weeks on how (if possible) to use a Droid Maxx (Verizion) on MetroPCS (TMobile) carrier. And so far I keep slamming into walls! Ive read threads after threads, Looked into sites after sites and it has left me more confused than ever. Now Im not dumber than a boot when it comes to smart phones and their technology but yet, Im not a whiz either! LOL So here it is:

    Can a Droid Maxx be changed over to MetroPCS (Tmobile) and if so HOW?? Ive read that the Droid Maxx is already unlocked to begin with. Is this true? Also, I already have a Nano SIM card that I cut from a Micro SIM from Metropcs. Whats next? Should the phone be rooted as well?? Again, is there a link that someone can send me that gives step by step to flash a DROID MAXX to Metropcs.....Thanks again!

    Someone, Please Help!! I would greatly appreciate it!
    09-19-2014 07:01 AM

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