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    We bought new Sprint phones in June Samsung Galaxy S4's, three of them with the triband or Spark technology.
    We noticed that when out of Sprint area we lost service, we were with others with Sprint phones who were roaming while we had no service at all.
    Talked to Sprint and all the setting were fine, next time we went out of town once again we lost service.

    2 weeks ago after talking to Sprint one of the phones started roaming, the other 2 still don't. Sprint has said over and over there is nothing else they can do and they are blaming it on the antennas in the phones. But the minute I go roaming the other phones lose service, if their antennas were bad I would assume they would drop service before that, and if I am roaming with FULL bars, I would think they would be picking up some sort of the roaming signal.

    Anyone else having issues or know of a fix?
    09-19-2014 03:16 PM

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