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    Well, I might be getting an android phone for my November upgrade but I have some stringent requirements. I am looking for a phablet with a really good camera, micro sd card, good build quality and a micro usb 3.0 port. I also love the way that stock android looks, but I have some problems. I am really eyeing the Samsung galaxy note 4, but it lacks the usb 3.0 port which infuriates me as the previous model had it. Another problem with the galaxy note 4 is that is comes with touchwiz preloaded, and I abhore touchwiz. I know I can root and remove it, but how are custom ROM's now a days. The last time I went through rooting and ROM's was back in the SGS days, and the Custom ROM's would drain battery's and the camera drivers were always half baked. I am also looking for a way to strip everything google off android via a custom ROM as I can't stand google's policy of reading your email and selling it to advertisement companies. I do not like all of google's business policies either, so I would love to be able to remove stock apps like google calendar, google plus and other google services that I won't use and want off of my device. Another question of mine would be if I could remove google now, and have it replaced with bing? So what are my options in terms of android hardware and software ROM's. Are there any other rumored devices from say LG that could compete with the Samsung galaxy note 4 or no?

    Thanks in advance
    09-19-2014 11:30 PM

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