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    First post here. I'm new to Android having recently bought a cheap Wondermedia tablet to play with. Now that I have a basic understanding of how android works, I bought a ASUS Memopad HD7 as a proper tablet. I'm very pleased with it and hooked!

    I have a question on controlling Android in the car, I’m wondering if any knowledgeable folks on here might have an answer.

    Apologies for the length of this post but here is what I am trying to do:

    Is it possible to control an android tablet or phone by using the steering wheel radio/cd remote controls fitted on my 2006 Ford Mondeo ST TDCI?

    I have an Asus Memopad HD7 (with wifi & Bluetooth) which I want to use as the primary media player in my car. I’m using the ES File explorer app on the HD7 to play my MP3 and FLAC files into the aux in on Head unit fitted in my car.

    I have quite a large music collection (~1TB) that was becoming difficult to ‘transport’ with me, on portable devices such as the HD7, due to SD card size limitations. So I decided to centralise my collection by putting all my songs on a single 2TB hard disc at home. The disc is connected to a router and I can access all of my collection all around the house via wifi.

    I wanted the same accessibility to all of my songs in the car so I installed a wifi network in the car. It’s made up of a Netgear router connected to another 2TB hard disc which contains a mirror image of my data on my home 2TB disc. The disc is very securely packed in vibration proof foam. Both of these devices run on 12v. The system is fully battery backed up using a small 24AH leisure battery and charging cct. The system charges up when the engine is running and will run for about 20 hours on its own without the engine running and without draining the car battery.

    The wifi signal from the Netgear router in the car is quite strong and my home wifi network will pick up the signal as soon as the car is in my drive. The car appears as an Icon on the PC and from then on it is very easy to drag and drop new files ‘into’ the car, and to keep the data on both discs synchronised. I sometimes run Bit torrent downloads that can take some time to download. No problem, just send the download to the car overnight, and they are ready in the car in the morning when you drive off.

    So as soon as I get in the car I boot up the HD7, connect to the wifi in the car, select some songs or a playlist and off I go. Track navigation (track pause, track skip etc) has to be done using the screen on the HD7, which cannot be done whilst driving.

    So the final part in the jigsaw is to control the HD7 using the remote controls on the steering wheel (track pause, track skip etc). I believe the ford steering wheel controller uses a resistive network. What I am looking for is some sort of adaptor that takes the resistive input and converts it to a Bluetooth signal that can be used to control the HD7. I would also need to run a suitable app on the HD7.

    Does anybody know of an app that will do the job, and if a suitable adaptor exists? Or could I make one? I’ve looked all over the net where I can find no end of strap on steering wheel remote controls, which is not what I want. I’ve yet to find a resistive/Bluetooth adaptor to suit the Ford.

    Thanks in advance
    09-22-2014 07:09 AM

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