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    Last week my Galaxy fell onto concrete with me fully standing up. It is in an otterbox and it was still working fine. The very next day, it fell off the bed (which is an ikea close to the ground bed) and now it will not turn on!!! When I remove the battery and put it back in the phone will vibrate and then the Samsung Galaxy s4 screen will come on and then it will immediately shut off. The phone will not charge and will not turn on whatsoever. If it is charging the charge light is not coming on. Here is a list of everything I have done/checked out thus far.

    I tried a different battery. (brought it to the sprint store and 3 different people tried a new battery -_- )
    I tried a different battery without the sim card and memory card in the phone (just incase )
    I called someone who does local repairs who said it might be the power button. So as soon as the phone turns on I try to do a master reset by holding the power button, the volume up key, and the home button. The small blue writing comes up on the top left that indicates the menu will be popping up where I can do the master reset but then it shuts down. I mention this because this technician I called had no clue what I was trying to say when I said I was able to get this far and he still wanted to replace the charging port and the power button.
    There is no water damage on the phone.

    I want to take the phone apart myself but I just wanted to come on here to see if anyone else has any ideas of the symptoms I am seeing.
    09-22-2014 11:07 AM

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