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    Like the title says I have a problem with the quality in which my pictures turn out when I post it to instagram. In my gallery or even in the screen before the picture is processed on IG the quality is normal and perfect, after its posted however it looks so pixelated and ugly. So I googled my problem its a well known problem it seems and I tried some methods but none work. One method was to use this app called "Resize" by nSystem and I have been unable to use it properly. You're supposed to create a new profile that change the dimensions of the photo to 612x612 but I have no idea how to do this. There is no menu option to make that happen(unless its hidden somewhere). Anyways my question is if someone has the app how do I use it? If you do not have the app but know of an app or method to make my pictures come out normal please let me know.
    09-22-2014 10:49 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Almost any picture editor can do a resize. (I use Paint.net on a PC to do my picture editing.) If you don't get a better answer here, try emailing the developer of Resize and ask how to resize a picture. (Maybe it's in the menu - try pressing the menu button.)
    09-22-2014 12:54 PM

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