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    The verizon voicemail it absolutely horrible and they know this and want to charge $2.99 a month for a voicemail similar to google voice or apple where you can select and play your voicemails without having to dial your number then pin then hear the woman talk for 5 minutes.. Anyways it is not the easiest process to get google voice on the droid, I have dialed the *71 *90 and *92 codes all followed by my google #. It worked correctly after the first installation for the first 3 voicemails, after that it would not alert and old messages would not play. I reinstalled did everything correctly now it will alert and when you try to play the message it just spins as if it is waiting. The transcription is there so it is going to the google service. I am in a 4g area with bars. Does the google chrome on my phone need updated? Any ideas would be appreciated. Wish I still had a flip phone and didn't even have the opportunity to deal with this crap.
    09-22-2014 04:33 PM

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