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    So a bunch of our companies Note 3's have stopped displaying any new email messages under the Inbox folder, using the Note 3's default email client. The last emails received were 3 days ago (Sept 19th, 2014) Emails can still be sent from them, and if you open up the folder view and select Sent Items, it does show there. Also, if you have sub-folders under the Inbox, it shows any emails that may be in there, even new ones. For example, received a test message and on the phone it doesn't show up. On the computer it does. Moved the new message into a sub folder and on the phone looked in the sub-folder and the message shows up. it's only emails in the Inbox that don't seem to be showing up.
    They are connected to an on-premise Exchange server via ActiveSync. To confuse the matter more, some people and email accounts are working fine, and on my own personal HTC I'm getting emails no problem, just not on the Note 3.

    Has anyone experienced or heard of this problem and possibly have a solution?

    09-22-2014 05:30 PM

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