1. chad vigar's Avatar
    hi everyone,
    i am having a problem with playstore.
    i have an agora HD+ android phone running android version 4.2.1
    for the last 2-3 days i have been unable to load the playstore. the little circle keeps spinning with nothing happening or it says "timed out retry" or it says "failed to update try again later".
    i am able to go to the play store on pc and send apps to my device and that works but then i have trouble opening the apps.
    in account settings under sync-people details: it fails to sync but everything else syncs fine and my little wifi fan is "blue" indicating a synced google connection.
    steps i have performed:
    opening ports in firewall for google servers.
    resseting date/time.
    force stopping play store and play services/ uninstall updates/ clear cache/ clear data/ reboot phone.
    take battery out.
    remove and re-add account.
    reset modem.
    manually install latest google play apk.
    reset phone to factory default.
    after all of this its still not working and everywhere i have searched i cant find any other steps to try.
    i would be inclined to think its my phone but i have another phone (same make model) with the same problem and also an android tablet also experiencing the same problem.
    please does anyone have any ideas?
    thanks in advance.
    09-23-2014 04:25 AM
  2. chad vigar's Avatar
    update: problem solved
    it appears after tracing the problem back to a certain time time and day that this occurred after changeing the wifi password.
    and before all the smart comments: yes i did change the passwords on my devices!
    although it is still strange that this problem would persist after all of the steps taken in the above post + several days to sync.
    so after resetting the password the problem still occurred and it was only after resetting modem to factory settings that the problem was fixed.
    to anyone else that has this problem i hope this helps you out.
    09-23-2014 06:00 PM

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