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    I just picked up my 360 recently, so I haven't had much time to test.

    Basically, my watch life ends up hitting around 20% after about 10 hours of light use. My notifications aren't too crazy (maybe 1-2 dozen over that 10 hour time frame). I didn't have any issues with initial setup. Ambient mode is off.

    I work a desk job so my watch stays dark almost the entire 9 hours of the above timeframe, outside of notifications. (On a side note, when sitting it seems like the Moto requires a dramatic wrist-raise or a wrist flick to get the display up. Not sure if that's typical, as my Moto X is extremely responsive to such a gesture).

    I have the "Matrix" watch face, which involves a lot of animation across a black screen. Is it possible that this is the cause behind much of my battery drain? As far as apps, I'm only running Wear Mini Launcher, Pear (will notify me if my phone moves out of BT range), and a flashlight app. I'm going to try using a stock watch face today to see if there's any difference, but has anyone else been able to run extensive testing on this matter?
    09-23-2014 10:03 AM

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