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    Hey everyone, I have a Samsung Galaxy III, currently running 4.4.2.

    I am trying to connect my SIII to my iMac (10.9.4) via a Bluetooth PAN connection (WiFi signal strength in my office is very low on the SIII) The purpose of this is to allow my SIII to obtain an internet connection through the Bluetooth PAN/my iMac. When I connect my SIII, the typical "bluetooth connected" icon appears, along with a new bluetooth icon with which I am not familiar. (Pic)

    Silly question about a Bluetooth Icon (SIII 4.4.2)-screenshot_2014-09-23-14-07-59.png

    The icon in question is the Bluetooth symbol within the white square (upper right).

    Does that just indicate a normal phone to computer "data only" bluetooth connection? What is that icon?

    Secondly, when I'm on my iMac and I go to System Preferences>Network>Bluetooth PAN, it says that there is a connection (yellow light in pic), but that since the PAN has a self assigned IP address, (I take it) my SIII will not be able to draw an internet connection through the iMac PAN network. (pic).

    Silly question about a Bluetooth Icon (SIII 4.4.2)-b4d6uyl.png

    What steps am I missing in this process to get internet from my iMac to my SIII? I would appreciate any tips from you guys, or if someone has a helpful website speaking on this matter, just paste the link, I'm fine with that.
    09-23-2014 01:27 PM

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