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    As the title says, recently got mugged for my brand new S5 and was given this phone for free by a friend (who I guess busted it up). The phone is a GT-I9300 international galaxy s3, that was unlocked for he could use it here in Canada.

    Apparently, the phone was dropped from knee high onto carpet, sustained no external damage, but was beginning to restart itself every once and awhile (which I assume was a power button problem). So my friend attempted to maybe root the phone to try and repair any damage, and ended up getting it stuck in a bootloop.

    Anyways, the phone is mine (and its all I can afford), and I'd really like to get this ******* working again. I did some research and the likley start would be to reload the stock firmware, however since it is the international version I am not even sure which stock to load. Any help on where I should begin tackling this problem would be hella helpful. Thanks guy.
    09-23-2014 07:17 PM

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