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    I'm running QuickPic on my MK808 for the sole purpose of running a slideshow on a TV in my shop. I'm trying to get a continuous loop going and for the most part QuickPic is serving all my needs.

    But I am having problems getting QuickPic to give me a continuous looping slideshow that will last for the hours that I am in the shop. The slideshow tends to get stuck on a picture after 15 minutes as if I clicked it or something, and will not proceed automatically to the next picture. However, I cannot be clicking anything because I turn off the remote mouse connected to the MK808.

    I confirmed QuickPic does loop pictures while in slideshow mode, so I am pretty sure that is not the problem.
    Does anyone else have this kind of problem? Does anyone else use an android device for a continuous slideshow? If so, what app do you use?
    09-23-2014 09:21 PM

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