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    This isn't really a question but may help all of you Verizon customers complain more to Verizon about their "upgrade fee".
    I was chatting with Verizon about buying a new LG G2 for "free". I'm "Dara" in the chat below.

    Kimberlee: Hi, I'm just checking in, how is everything going?
    Dara: Going good, just trying my luck at finding a promo code...
    Kimberlee: The G2 is free.
    Dara: I'm still being charged a fee
    Kimberlee: $30?
    Dara: Yeah
    Kimberlee: This is the standard upgrade fee
    Kimberlee: The $30 upgrade fee is a required fee for all existing customers that upgrade to a new phone at the 2 year discounted price. It guarantees you the discounted price for a new device, opposed to paying full retail for a new device.
    Dara: Just terrible that it used to be included with everything until the last couple of years.
    Kimberlee: I understand
    Dara: Especially since I've been with Verizon for 12 years
    Kimberlee: I can completely understand how you feel as even I had to pay this upgrade fee when I upgraded my phone. But I found that $30 is a small amount compared to getting the phone of my choice and keeping the nation's best and most reliable service!
    Kimberlee: Hi, I'm just checking in, how is everything going?
    Dara: My $200 a month contract covers the subsidizing of the price of the phone. An added fee doesn't guarantee that.
    Kimberlee: If you do not want to pay the upgrade fee then you will have to pay the full retail price to avoid it. This fee goes towards workshops and education tools for customers that need more assistance and also towards making our great service even better
    Dara: That's not what you told me a minute ago.
    Dara: And why don't those customers who need more assistance pay for the workshops and education tools instead of making everyone pay for them.
    Kimberlee: I understand how you feel Dara, but I'm just the messenger I wish I could waive the upgrade fee but it is a company wide standard fee for all existing customers.
    Dara: Please forward this all to whoever can help change Verizon's so-called customer friendly policies. Of course you're just the messenger, but I assume you're supposed to report back to someone at some point.
    Kimberlee: I have passed this along and will definitely pass it along for you.
    Dara: Thanks. Do you have a website link where customers can complain?
    Kimberlee: You can go to the Community Forums to voice your concerns but that is all we have
    Dara: Thanks
    Kimberlee: You're welcome. I'm glad I could answer all of your questions and concerns today. Do you have any other questions for me?
    Dara: Not that I know as of now. I'm still checking out
    Kimberlee: I will be more than happy to keep this chat open while you order to be sure you have no other questions about your order and to be sure everything goes through successfully!
    Dara: thanks
    Kimberlee: Sure
    Dara: Now there's taxes and fees added to my fee???
    Kimberlee: There should only be taxes on the cost of the phone
    Dara: They're charging me tax on the upgrade fee.
    Kimberlee: How much is the taxes?
    Dara: $1.80.
    Dara: 6% (Michigan) of $30
    Kimberlee: Okay, well if there is a tax on the upgrade fee it is because of the Verizon wireless surcharges
    Dara: What?
    Kimberlee: We do not have access to why there would be taxes on the upgrade fee in this department but I am pretty sure it is because of surcharges and taxes based on each individual cost you incur with us. However if you have question on this I recommend contacting our Customer Care billing department at 800-922-0204 and they can answer them for you there.
    Dara: Are they available 24/7?
    Kimberlee: They close at 11 pm central time
    Dara: Oo, good thing I'm in Eastern time
    Kimberlee: Great!
    Dara: Now I'll probably have to go through a million prompts to talk to a human..
    Kimberlee: Choose option 0
    Kimberlee: But there may be a little wait time

    I then called and had to wait forever.

    Dara: thanks
    Kimberlee: Sure!
    Dara: GRR my call was dropped
    Kimberlee: Did you call back?
    Dara: yeah
    Kimberlee: ok
    Dara: 6:09 and counting
    Kimberlee: What part of the order are you on now?
    Dara: account and billing
    Dara: the part showing the taxes and fees
    Kimberlee: Do you see the option to bill to your account?
    Dara: Yeah
    Kimberlee: Would you like to do that today?
    Dara: I was planning on it
    Kimberlee: Since I have not heard from you for several minutes I am going to have to end the chat session. If you need further assistance please open another chat session so that we may make sure you receive all of the assistance you need. It has been my pleasure to chat with you and hope you have a great day!
    Kimberlee: Great!
    Dara: Why?
    Dara: 10:04 wait time now
    Kimberlee: Customer Care has high call volume around this time of night
    Dara: why did you ask if i'm going to bill my account?
    Kimberlee: I was just asking as that is also an option.
    Dara: oh i see couldn't think of something snarky

    The billing department credited the $1.80 tax and $25 of the upgrade fee. She ended the call by thanking me for being "a valued part of Verizon since 1993". That may have helped... and holding for 22 minutes.
    09-23-2014 09:22 PM

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