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    Hi everyone!
    I hope I can get some advice here

    Overnight my Samsung 3 just stopped charging. It wasn't gradual like it was with my last phone which if I wiggled would eventually work. I had months of notice that the phone was on its way out.

    So I purchased 2 batteries and 2 external battery chargers.

    The battery the phone came with is a Samsung original, the 2 I bought were not.

    One of the charges was a Samsung original, the other not.

    One was wall charger, the other micro USB which is awesome because that one I can charge on my laptop and in the car.

    On ebay there are people with many good reviews that fix the charging port. Apparently on the Samsung Galaxy 3 it's a known issue...

    So here is my latest issue....sometimes the chargers don't charge at all sometimes they do, failure rate is the same with both the original and generic. Also, it's taking longer and longer to get a full charge than ever before (when I get it). And when I do get it, it lasts less and less. The generic and non generic batteries in both the generic and non generic chargers cause me trouble, any combination does.

    So I have to get the port fixed, it's no longer just about the inconvenience of charging batteries all the time, switching them out, carrying them around etc....

    My questions are:

    1. Why am I having so much external battery charging issues that are getting worse and worse?
    2. What do I do about the batteries draining issue? Because even if I fix the port, the other issue would remain, right?

    One ebay guy thought maybe the generic stuff is the issue but like I said, happens as much with the original Samsung.
    Another said maybe I need to reset my phone.

    Before I go without a phone and pay to get the port fixed, does anyone have any idea what do to about my batteries draining? Because that's a 2nd issue, I assume unrelated.

    Any help appreciated, sorry this was so long :/

    So these are my Q's
    09-24-2014 12:53 AM
  2. Sophia Zhao's Avatar
    It seems a serious problem.
    My guess about the charging issues are getting worse and worse is that you didn't find the key point. If change the batteries and chargers can't solve the problem, the only way left is try to replace the USB board. But i am not sure if it's the real key.
    As for the battery draining, the problem of USB board maybe cause the can't full charged battery. Nothing can be concluded before you have tried all the ways.
    Good luck to you!
    09-24-2014 01:49 AM

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