1. AC Question's Avatar
    Can you move memory from micro sdhc cards to micro sd cards? And will you be able to move all your game progress as well so you can continue your games from your old phone to your new phone?
    09-24-2014 06:24 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Do you mean can you move files from SD card to SD card? Sure, that's not an issue. SDHC just refers to higher capacity (up to 32 GB). I'm not sure what the max capacity of standard capacity SD cards are, but it's less than 32 GB.

    I'm not sure if copying game data from one SD card to another will preserve the progress. You'll still have to install the game from Google Play onto the new phone, and I don't know if it would recognize the files you copy from the older phone's SD card.
    09-24-2014 07:54 PM

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