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    My contract is up in May, but i broke my note 2 and I'm using an old phone that sucks.
    I need two lines and I'm looking at the unlimited plan with 5 gb hotspot on each phone and that's $140 same price I am paying now with 4 gb of data, and I understand the phone price is not included and even with the phones it would still be under $200. Hoping i can cut my internet cord and just use the unlimited plan, if it is truly unlimited? So if anyone has done something similar, how did it work out for you? And is Tmobile unlimited really unlimited?
    Thanks Jimmy
    09-24-2014 07:06 PM
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    Read the exclamation in the ads and online. If you not in a T-Mobile cell tower area, your data goes down to 200mb per day. Yes...megabytes....that equals 3 downloads of Candy Crush. On Sprint, it's 300mb. On AT&T & Verizon, no roaming extras, just your data plan you sign up for, 2GB, or more wherever you are. All of them are beginning to throttle or slow users down if they are in unlimited plans; T-Mobile, Sprint and *I think* AT&T will throttle you at 5gbs. Verizon may begin at around 30gbs. I am sure if you're are continuing to use 30 gb's on Verizon every month, they may start that earlier.

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    09-24-2014 07:47 PM

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