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    For last two months or so, the situation in my two years old international HTC One X is that the data is not connecting when it is on 3g network but it is working absolutely fine with 2g network. when its connected to 3g, the mobile network fluctuates, data works with 3g speed for only few minutes and signal drops out. In simple terms, on 3g it fluctuates in data access and network access whereas on 2g it works absolutely fine.

    I have changed two 3g enabled sim of different carriers they are also performing the same way in my HTC one x. I have changed the location of the phone, the problem persists. My sim also works fine with another handset in 3g as well as in 2g. So the conclusion is that there is fault with my HTC one x but the question remains what is the fault. Whether software or hardware. I have also done the factory reset but to no avail and I have also switched to custom rom but the problem is still there.

    Any solution would be of great help.
    09-25-2014 07:37 AM

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