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    Hey guys, I recently rooted my android LG g3 phone and started experiencing problems with the Google Play Store and was getting errors like 495 and such and have been unable to download any new apps or games. I then went a researched on how to fix this, and found several YouTube videos that suggested deleting all lines in the host file except for " local host." I did that but am still unable to download apps. I then researched and removed my Google account and then tried to resign in or whatever, but got errors there like "unable to reach Google server." I finally had to do a factory reset to get my Google account back on, but am still having the same errors in the play store. What should I do? My host file now reads: localhost
    # android.clients.google.com

    (That last line starting with the hash tag was an idea from an article I read but didnt seem to help)

    Thanks guys!!
    09-25-2014 01:52 PM
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    Do you have any google related apps disabled?

    Things like google play services, google service framework, google partner services and a couple others.
    These are key to having google play store work.
    You can try uninstalling the play store updates in the app info, then reboot your phone.
    If that doesn't work, delete the play store data and cache, then reboot.
    09-26-2014 12:48 AM

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