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    We have two smart phones (Androids) and a jetpack for home internet use from Verizon. We average about 6 GB of data usage per month. This last month we were hit with 27 GB of overage! Appears to be related to JETPACK. We have not changed how we use internet. Just emails and seaches, no music or movies. This all started about the time that I got a new battery for my Samsung Stratosphere. Actually the battery was twice the size of the one replaced. I had my phone automatically connect to WIFI when at home. We got in a bad habit of leaving the WIFI on all the time. Could something be going on with my phone and the wifi?
    09-25-2014 11:55 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! I highly doubt it's the battery. If all devices are on all the time, with wi-fi on all the time, then they are presumably constantly connected to the Jetpack, and are therefore constantly syncing data (whereas before, this wasn't happening. If all of your devices are set to sync data frequently, as well as update apps from Google Play automatically, that can add up quickly.

    Go to Settings>Data Usage, where you can see what is using the most data. You can Restrict Background Data there, or better yet just turn off wi-fi and mobile data when you're not actively using the phone--there are lots of good toggle widgets that let you do this easily (if the Quick Settings aren't easy enough). You can also go to all of your apps and check their individual settings for sync intervals, and change them to manual or the longest interval available.
    09-26-2014 12:06 AM

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