1. AC Question's Avatar
    hi i have a galaxy s5 and im having trouble with my keyboard. i have not downloaded anything related to the keyboard. the only thing i have downloaded is the sidesync to sync my s5 to my note pro 12.2. but i have since deleted it as i did not find it useful. but now i can not text or type anything from my phone. any help would be appreciated. thanks.
    09-26-2014 12:52 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Go to Settings>Language & Input, and look for the Default Keyboard setting. Is there anything set? Are you able to select Samsung Keyboard, or any others you might have installed? If nothing shows up, go to the App Manager, look for Samsung Keyboard, and make sure it isn't disabled.
    09-26-2014 02:09 AM

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