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    I made the mistake of allowing this update-Can it be removed?
    It has made some changes to my phone that I don't like
    No more caller id for incoming calls and the tab to turn on and off is gone
    Options for missed calls and text messages reminder notifications tab also gone
    I know I can download 3rd party apps to get these fuctions back, but that's not the point
    Rumors of a new system to be released for galaxy s5 some time this autumn /winter
    I guarantee because of this verizon update my phone will not be allowed to get it
    My last phone (Razr M) just ran like crap for the last 8 months of my contract
    Motorola support had told me verizon was blocking my phone from getting KitKat
    I guess this is how they make you upgrade your phone
    I just want to keep my new phone up to date with the latest
    09-26-2014 05:08 AM

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