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    Hi. I owe a Lazer853828 with Android 4.4.2 (Kit Kat) and I have recently acquired a SD Card so I can have room for more apps. The thing is, I can't move any to the SD Card. The "Move to SD Card" button does not appear in the App Settings and I have tried apps to move them and none word. Yet, I can access the memory card, so I know it's operational. Thank you for your time.
    09-27-2014 06:20 AM
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    If you install app2sd (app mgr lll) from the play store it will tell you if your device will support moving apps to the sd card. If it will support, this app will work.
    09-27-2014 06:47 AM
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    Not trying to sound uppity but have you done a general search on A/C? I just did and all the answers you need will probably be there. Kit kat removed the ability of most apps to be moved unless you are rooted. System apps usually can't (nor should) be moved. I can move my downloaded apps with no problem (I'm rooted) but some apps (optical reader) are greyed out. No problem I just freeze them or delete them. Titanium backup is my answer. Open this fourm an type in "can't move apps to sd card". Phil has some very good info and guides on this subject. This is how I learnt it.

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    09-27-2014 08:53 AM

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