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    I don't want to go to another contract with someone; I want to get out of using a smart phone all together.
    I had an unlimited text and talk plan for my entire family, but when my kids left us, they talked me into stepping up to an iphone with a 1G plan, which sounded cheaper the way they described it on the phone. They SAID I would be able to step back to my old text phone with no data at any time, even after the 30 day thing. BUT- when I tried to do that, they said they no longer have any plans that don't include data and they took away my 1G and stuck me with an amount so small it barely exists. I asked for the termination fee amount and what steps are necessary to leave, but they just ran in circles until I hung up.
    Have any of you successfully left them without going to another smart phone contract elsewhere??
    09-28-2014 11:49 AM
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    They should tell you what the termination fee is without any problem. However ...

    First, I'd call the retention department. If your dealer doesn't have the number, just call the carrier and ask for the retention department. If you're asked why, tell them the reason is that if they don't connect you to retention immediately, you're terminating the contract immediately, no matter how much the termination fee is, and giving that rep's attitude as the reason for termination. (Make sure you get the name of the rep, and use it a few times during the sentence - "The reason, Mary, is that if you don't connect me with retention immediately, Mary, I'm going to ...". No one wants the direct blame for losing a customer. It's a sure way to become unemployed.)

    Talk to retention, and tell them that the only way they'll retain you as a customer is to honor the original promise made to you - your old text phone with no data plan for the same old price. Or even your iPhone but with no data and at the old price. If they can't, ask them what the ETF (early termination fee) is, and to include it on your final bill, or connect you to billing, so you can have billing do it, because you're through us9ing them as a carrier.

    Retention can usually do things that no other non-executive department can - like honor promises their employees made.

    If you really can't get anywhere on the phone, wait until the next bill arrives. Mark on it "Terminate this account and send a new bill including the termination fee. You are no longer authorized to provide me with cellphone service, and won't be paid for any you provide after this billing period." (You might get a call from someone really high up in the company offering to give you what you wanted - your old service at the old price - or you may just get a new bill that includes the ETF.)

    But one call telling them to terminate the account and send you a final bill should be enough - even the biggies like AT&T and Verizon will only attempt to get you to stay, ask you what the problem is, ask what they can do to alleviate it, etc. But they won't refuse to tell you what the ETF is (probably around $350), or send you a final bill and terminate the account.

    Another thing you can do, if you like your number, is go to Google and open a Google Voice account, then port your number to Google Voice. Until you get a new cellphone account, have the GV number forwarded to your home phone. (Mine is forwarded to both my home phone and my cellphone, so I get the call no matter where I am.) I think porting into Google costs about $10 - and that automatically terminates your US Cellular account. You'll get a final bill from US Cellular, and get to keep your number.
    09-28-2014 03:22 PM

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