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    i want to buy smartphone so i choiced 3 so i want which is best?

    Iphone 6 vs LG G3 vs HTC One (M8) choise

    09-28-2014 03:18 PM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    They're all very high quality devices.
    Which is best for your intended use preferences, whatever they may be, we cannot answer, because we don't know what they are. You can tell us if you like and we may be able to advise.

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    09-28-2014 03:49 PM
  3. colyn1353's Avatar
    The iPhone 6 as well as IOS8 is still having problems which is why I am leaving and coming back to Android.
    While overall they are all fine devices I would wait till Apple gets the issues fixed.
    With that, to determine which phone is best for you, you should determine what you want in a phone such as apps use etc..
    09-28-2014 04:14 PM
  4. Rukbat's Avatar
    iPhone vs. Android is like vanilla vs. chocolate - it's a personal choice. If you like the phone to be as it is, everything works - but you can't do too much "off the grid" with it, iPhone is fine. Same thing if you don't want to learn anything about using your phone - it's just a phone, with apps, and the phone and the apps work.

    If you want to experiment, if you want a little laptop that also has a phone in it, if you want off-the-wall apps (written by off-the-wall people), go for Android.

    As far as G3 vs. M8, I have 2 rules (one of which I may be forced to give up in a phone or two):

    1) My phone must have an external SD card. (It can be internal to the phone, but it has to be one I can buy and plug into the phone.) And I'd like to be able to keep doing that until cellphones are as storage-expandable as desktops. I can put a 6TB drive (wait for a 10TB drive soon) or 3 into my desktop any time I need more storage. I can put A 256 GB card in my phone (as soon as they're made). I don't want to have to replace a perfectly good phone because developers have found sloppier ways of developing apps, so they get larger.

    2) I will never buy a phone with a lithium battery that's not easily removed. Lithium batteries can still overheat to the point that they can weld steel. As soon as I feel a phone trying to heat the Superdome, the back comes off and the battery hits the ground (and I look for a car or truck to put between me and the battery - they can (although it's very rare) explode. I'd rather spend $30 on a new battery than fight the phone manufacturer for a new phone for a few months. (And $30 is a very high price for a good cellphone battery.) I'd rather wait for a newer phone from a different manufacturer than buy the best one out there now that has the battery sealed in. (Not only "rather" - I just won't buy a phone with a non-removable battery.)
    09-28-2014 05:37 PM

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