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    Bought a 2 mo old S5 off CraigsList which was originally purchased on Amazon as an "International unlocked" phone. 3 days later I see vertical lines on the screen so I need it to be repaired. Samsung USA said it is a UK model (I also gave them IMEI & S/N) so send it to UK for repair. Reached UK repair and they said they can't accept int'l shipments. So I sent it to a friend in England who sent it to Samsung for me and then back to me once Samsung had returned it to him. Got the phone back today, opened up the box and the letter says "...it's not working because your handset has been found to be of non European origin." So who in the Samsung world can tell me where my phone was built so I can return it there for repair? I'm ready to ditch it as I already have $80 in international shipping and customs duties and now I'll have to ship it again somewhere. This customer service is for the birds!
    09-28-2014 10:20 PM
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    You could try your carrier. (The screen is probably the same on all models.) Or an independent repair shop. Or contact the CEO of Samsung by hand-written snail-mail, being so polite that you're almost obsequious. (You're asking a favor from a very important man, and that's even more impolite in Oriental society than it would be if you asked the CEO of Google to take a personal interest in your problem.) And all you want to know is how to get this particular phone repaired - you're willing to pay the normal price for the repair.

    (BTW, if you check with US Customs, you'll probably find that something sent to an overseas repair facility for repair doesn't require any customs payment, and there's paperwork for it. It's like the little chit you get at the airport when you're traveling overseas from the US with your Japanese camera - show it when you come back and it's cleared.)
    09-29-2014 12:04 AM

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