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    Hi - I am not at all technical so looking for some straight forward help on how to get my Samsung Galaxy S2 working again. I turned it on yesterday to find no network for calls and texts, only able to contact to my home wifi for internet. Network not down, got a new Sim - but no luck - so checked a few forums which mentioned if I didn't have an IMEI number, I am in trouble . Checked that out and exactly what has happened ! It says unknown against IMEI number or IMEI SV Unknown, Service State - out of service, Mobile network type - unknown and so on !

    Firstly why would this just happen overnight when the phone itself was turned off and nothing has happened to it (e.g. not dropped, mis-used etc). And secondly, how on earth can I get my lovely old phone working again ?

    Any help would have to be in layman's language Am so hoping someone out there can help me in my hour of need xx
    09-29-2014 09:23 AM
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    I know this won't be of much help, but the exact same thing happened to mine way back when. It basically turned itself into a cooler iPod.

    In my case, it happened right after it landed flat on it's face after getting up from the couch. Yes, it was a very small drop. Factory resets, rooting and installing ROMs didn't do saquat, tools to change your IMEI couldn't even recognize the phone. Finally took it to the Service Center and they said they couldn't even bring it back to life with their magic factory testing cradle. Only way to bring it back was to replace the motherboard. At the time, the cost was just about the same as to sell the S2 for parts and use the difference to get a new one. And that's how I got my Note 2.

    But then again, at this point nothing could hurt but to try, right? I suggest you back your stuff up and first try to do a factory reset. If that doesn't work, then maybe try to flash a different ROM?
    09-29-2014 10:16 AM
  3. ummy2's Avatar
    Well - an update. After thinking this was a lost cause, I have been helped out by a local mobile phone repair company. I had myself already tried a factory re-set with no luck. I was recommended a local place who repair a range of gadgets including many mobile phones. They knew exactly what the problem was and suggested it is often caused by an interrupted software update occurring which sometimes can wipe out the IMEI information - that makes absolute sense. After a visit to them (including a lovely cup of tea) they had completely re-set the phone back to basics and with my IMEI number now back in place - they updated the phone with a recent version of S2 software - and I have a perfectly working phone - just now going through putting on any apps and contacts I need to. The phone is actually now working much slicker than it had been previously !

    I am delighted - so anyone else with this issue, do just go down to your local "geek squad" who do know how to fix these things
    10-01-2014 02:04 PM

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