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    There are three questions!The questions are: Where are all of the water damage indicators are on the LG G3? What can I do to get another new set of water indicators for this phone? And is there a way to change from red to white without further damaging the case and such? I know, Forgive Me, I paid for a 1000% mark up item! A cellular phone! Why you ask? Humm. Trust me, it was a must have. The LG G3 Brick has No Life signs, never did after being placed on charger! The LG G3 was completely WET inside the housing. I assume for days the phone was in this state. I just thought the battery was bad took off the case, the back of the phone to find out the phone had a self governing swimming app built in. I Did the 48 hour rice thing and then noticed the red dot. It would be wise to assume that there are multiple indicators to assist in the determination to Zero in on the Water Damage That Sucks but Deal Warranty Clause. Is that a People blunder? Or are these things available for Blundering People! Truly, I need help! And most people I know would agree. But to Live, you must Learn. Enough of me picking on me! Thank all for any info is appreciated.
    Be Well. Krazzi Ladie <
    09-29-2014 02:47 PM
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    I think it is unlikely that you will be able to restore the device to working order by now, but have a read of this by Rukbat, whom I regard as giving the best advice on what to do when phones and water meet:


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    09-29-2014 03:05 PM
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    If you bought the phone in that state, it's fraud - contact your District Attorney's office. (And you can institute a civil suit to recover ALL your monetary losses - attorney's fee, time lost from work, bother and annoyance, travel time to and from court, anything else you can think of to tack on.)

    If you got the phone wet (no app can make a phone waterproof - an app written to be used during swimming is meant to be used on a waterproof phone or one in a waterproof case - even a pair of zip-lock baggies), you can read my article that Belodion linked to, but after a few days of not being cleaned (putting a wet phone in rice is like eating a slow-acting poison), I don't think - even if you get the phone working - it'll keep working for very long.

    BTW, replacing the indicators (if you could, but you can't) would be fraud on your part. Trying to get the phone fixed under warranty would then add larceny to the charge.
    09-29-2014 04:09 PM

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