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    My wife's phone suddenly started displaying an error that it was unable to log into her Google account. I tried everything I could think of to get it to reconnect eventually even doing a factory reset, and the problem remains.

    I created a new Google account from a PC and added that account to the phone and it works fine. I then tried to add her real account and again received the unable to connect username/password error.

    I had already in the first attempts to remedy the problem gone in on the PC to log into said account and make sure the correct password was being used... it was. So I KNOW the password, I KNOW the username but no matter what I do the phone will not log in.

    I even shut off the 2 level security. I cannot imagine what is going on. As I said, this just began to happen one day last week, nothing was changed.

    I even used the phone's browser to log into the Google account in question with no problem.

    I GIVE UP!!!! HELP!!!!!
    09-29-2014 04:37 PM

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