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    I'll try to be brief.

    I'm using an unlocked Sprint gs4 on Telus.

    I had the phone sent to me from the states - the guy said he unlocked it, but when I put the Telus card in all I got was invalid SIM. (He didn't unlock anything.)

    I managed to unlock it myself and the invalid sim warning was gone. Phonecalls worked, but mobile data did not.
    I was tinkering around for days then finally decided to try a root.
    the root didn't take, but then when I rebooted my phone, I was getting responses to my "test texts"

    So now I have phonecalls and mms/texts, but no mobile data internet connection.

    Everyone and their mother is telling me that I need to adjust the APN setting to correspond to Telus' settings.

    But the tab, button, whatever to access APN does not exist.

    I go to setting> More Networks> Roaming (under the header there is a mention of 'edit roaming, edit APN')
    When I click Roaming the APN option is not there., the only things that are showing are Roaming Settings, Roaming Guard.

    So basically, there is no APN button on my phone, nothing to adjust to get the mobile data working in Canada.

    Does anyone have any ideas?
    I need to access the APN settings, but there do no exist on my phone??!?!
    (Or I can't find them... I looked)

    Before my test texts came in I was going to reset to factory settings, assuming that everything would go back to how it was - and then just preform the unlock from there.

    Note: When the phone was sent to me, these settings/button weren't in the menu - I remember not seeing them.
    I don't know what the guy did to the phone when he said he unlocked it, but I remember him saying that he put T-Mobile software in it (Figuring that's all it would take to work in Canada.)

    Does anyone have any idea?

    Also, I am practically a retard when it come to smartphones...
    So, please go easy on me.
    09-30-2014 01:15 PM

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