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    Is there a better way to go back to map while on the phone? For example, i am using navigation and someone is calling me, i pick it up and the screen will remain on the phone, if i need to go back to map, i need to pull down the notification bar and tap on onging navigation and need to be careful at the same time not to accidetally tap on exit... like with iphone, the navigation is running and on top of the screen, it will feshing with green and saying tap to return to navigation when u are using other app or on the phone. Hope I describe my question correctly...

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    09-30-2014 06:17 PM
  2. Justin Duino's Avatar
    Anytime someone calls you and you answer, it will take you to the dialer. While in the call, I think you will have to switch back to the map manually. After you hang up you might be lucky and have to send you back to your last used application (maps).

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    09-30-2014 06:24 PM

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