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    Both my 2007 pc and 3 yr old phone crashed. Up to the current tech market place I go.....Uhhhh.....Yeah, bought them but, I'm lost. Both the pc Win 8, (hate it!), and the cell L2 G2 seemed to be holding their own and I was very happy with their batteries staying charged. Until Google who crammed, function, after function blah, blah down our unsuspecting throats. The endless black hole of Google. Google / Chrome is draining everything and has taken over both pieces and neither of them will stay charged for long. The phone was lasting for 3 days and the pc same. Now, the phone is close to 2 days and the pc is down to 1 day unless I'm using it then you can make that about 6 hours. I'm super frustrated!!! Grrrrr! How in the world to I get rid of Google / Chrome. BTW - Google was the only browser I liked to use. NOT anymore!
    Pleeeease....help me get rid of this crap. My batteries will certainly not last 2 years running bloatware 24/7
    09-30-2014 07:47 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! 3 days is pretty unusual for a single battery charge to last. How do you know Chrome is the culprit? There are lots of potential causes for battery drain. Review this guide to see some tips: http://forums.androidcentral.com/amb...ving-tips.html

    We can get a better idea of the cause of your battery issues if you charge up to 100%, then let it drain to 20-30% with normal usage, without charging in between. Then show us:

    1. The main Settings>Battery screen.
    2. The fullscreen battery graph screen (which shows Awake time and Cell Signal Strength).
    3. The Screen category (to see total Screen On time).
    4. The Cell Standby category, if present (to see Time Without Signal).

    09-30-2014 11:53 PM

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