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    (excuse me for possible poor grammar, i am from Denmark).
    So i have decided that i am ready to switch my iphone out with a new one.

    I have narrowed suggestions down to two phones: Samsung Galaxy S5 mini and Sony Xperia Z3 Compact.
    (i don't want a too large phone - small hands )

    But I can't really make up my mind to which one I should buy, so I have some questions which I hope a kind soul and a clever mind can answer.

    - I went down to look on the two phones in a store, and someone told me that there are a high risk on screen burn-in in Sony???!! I don't want that.

    Is this true, how often does it happen?? And does the Galaxy also have screen burn in?? Please help. So confused which one to pick?

    Another Questions: Which one i easiest to learn to use, when switching from an iphone
    10-01-2014 04:27 AM
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    Hvem ved butikken fortalte dig, at der er et problem med skærmen Samsung? Var det en sælger eller en anden kunde? Samsungs bruger AMOLED-typen skærme, som er mere tilbøjelige til at have burn-in, men det ville kun ske, hvis de misbruges, eller hvis telefonen er aldrende. LCD-type skærme, som f.eks bruges af Sony, er bedre i den henseende, men jeg tror ikke, at skærmen burn-in er noget du skal bekymre dig om meget. Mange mennesker bruger Samsungs og andre telefoner med OLED-type skærme, og ikke oplever problemer med normal brug af telefonen.
    Knapperne er forskellige mellem Samsung og Sony, så du må hellere prøve begge i en butik for at se, som er mere som iPhone. [Goog.Tr.]

    (Your English is excellent but I wanted to enjoy myself by answering in Danish, thanks to Google Translate. Heh.)

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    10-01-2014 05:58 AM

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