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    I will be moving from Sprint's Boost Mobile to Verizon's AllSet plan. AllSet allows me to bring almost any phone from Verizon, and porting my number. I've been shopping online at eBay etc.

    1. I frequently find new or used phones that state that they have no SIM. What is the significance of that to me? Can I get a SIM for it easily or is this going to turn into a hassle?

    2. I see inconclusive posts how the Verizon S3 can be a world phone while the Note 3 cannot due to being locked by region. Is that correct?

    3. AllSet allows me to roam both voice and data. The end came is to have simultaneous voice and data. It seems that the S3 has both SVDO and SVLTE while the Note 3 has only SVLTE. It seems like Verizon's LTE is pretty inescapable while Sprint has quite a bit of 3G CDMA. In today's environment, how valueable would think the SVDO capability would be?

    10-02-2014 10:09 AM

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