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    I have had the S5 for some time now and I love it. I've had very few problems from it...until today. Today I was driving down the road, listening to music on my phone via auxiliary. I got a call, so I answered it. While on the phone I kept hearing a reoccurring beep every 15 seconds or so. I hung up and thought nothing more about it, but then when I resumed listening to music, I could hear the beep over my music every 15 seconds. I got to my destination, unplugged my phone, closed out Google Play Music, and it was beeping through the speaker on the back of the phone. I restarted my phone and it stopped. Ever since then, whenever I get a text, it will not vibrate. I've looked at every single setting through sounds and the samsung messaging app and have restarted my phone and tried a ton of combination of things. It vibrates with calls and all other notifications, including Verison's Message+, but nothing with my daily messenger. I'm beyond frustrated with is, as I can normally find a solution to these sort of issues. Does anyone out there know what I can do, or is this anything common? I NEED HELP!

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    10-04-2014 12:56 AM

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