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    I have a monthly ATT mobile and data plan (no contract). Here in Germany my phone isn't recognizing any other mobile service networks where it will connect. It also won't recognize any local wireless networks that I have tried so I can text or use Skype. Can I get a sim card here in Germany for the month I am here?
    10-04-2014 04:54 AM
  2. STARGATE's Avatar
    Did you go into settings and more networks?

    Yes, if the phone is unlocked, you can buy a local prepaid SIM card over there to use with your phone.
    10-04-2014 08:45 AM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    As far as wifi, wifi is wifi all over the world, but you can't use a secured connection (one with a little lock at the bottom of the "radar") unless you know the password. You'll either need to make arrangements to use someone's wifi or find a public, open, wifi hotspot. (I don't know if they have them in Germany. Last time I was there 8 bits was as large as CPUs got, and one CPU chip was almost the size of a small phone.)
    10-04-2014 09:58 AM

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