1. AC Question's Avatar
    Android 4.4 white battery indicator is blah. Can't they at least give us the option to change it back!!??
    10-05-2014 12:18 AM
  2. Mohammad Shebaro's Avatar
    There are no options to change it back..... Contact samsung for more information

    Posted via the Android Central App
    10-05-2014 01:10 AM
  3. RalphWhitaker's Avatar
    Thanks for your answer. I realize that there is no option to change the color of the battery indicator but I am wishing that Google would be a little more open-minded and provide the ability to specify personal preferences for such things. I was surprised at many changes that appeared yesterday when I upgraded Android on my HTC One, including the moving of the weather widget on the lock screen. I had to re-adjust my lock screen background photo. One other that was irritating to me was their re-assigning of colors on my email accounts. I have four email accounts and, when I display them together, two of them are so close in color it is difficult to tell them apart. A color blind person would be sunk.
    10-05-2014 11:23 AM
  4. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums.
    If you are rooted, you have other options like Xposed Framework to change the colors. However, rooting for that reason alone isn't really worth it.
    10-05-2014 11:26 AM

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