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    I've had this phone for a little over a week and have noticed that during a full nights sleep the battery will usually drain about 4-6%. Today I noticed that it is draining the same amount, maybe even more, every hour. I do have power saving mode on and there were/are no active applications running.

    I usually do charge it to 100% every night then lay it on my night stand unplugged. I woke up this morning to feed my pets and noticed it was at 55%, I went to sleep and woke up an hour later and it was at 47%, went back to sleep and again woke up an hour later and it was at 44%.

    Here is my battery usage screen. http ://imgur. com/sqjluPu
    10-05-2014 11:22 AM
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    Cell Standby, Android OS and Device Idle are high, and if I understand you correctly you lost about 61% of the full charge overnight. That's very bad.
    Presumably you've tried simply Powering Off the Phone followed by Restart.
    It may also be worth wiping the Cache Partition, or even, if your personal data is backed up, a Factory Reset.
    Consider also the possibility that the battery has suddenly started to fail. In fact, if you can, take a look at it...if it is bulging, it certainly is failing, and should be removed from the phone to prevent damage.

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    10-05-2014 05:37 PM

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