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    hi there I have a new whitebox tablet 10".1, the manual is far too small to make out anything.. I w3ant to insert my mini sd card in it and download the pictures and videos I have on the tablet. I tried connecting the tablet to my laptop but it wont work,
    Please can someone help me as I am also partially sighted so makes this even more frustrating.

    thank you.
    10-05-2014 11:39 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! What happens when you plug the device into the computer via USB? There ought to be a generic Android USB driver on the computer, so most any device should be able to connect. Does anything register at all?

    On the tablet, after connecting, check the Notification Panel (wherever it is on your device--it can vary, depending on the manufacturer). Look for the USB notification, and tap it. Make sure it's set to MTP.

    You can insert a microSD card into the device and transfer photos and videos, but that requires a file manager app. If the device doesn't have one built in, then you can install one like ES File Explorer. Use it to copy or move the files from their source to the microSD card. Then unmount the card (in Settings>Storage), remove it, and insert it into the computer's SD reader (using a fullsize SD adapter, very cheap to buy if you don't have one: Amazon.com: SanDisk microSD to SD Memory Card Adapter (MICROSD-ADAPTER): Computers & Accessories). Then you can use your computer's file explorer to copy the files to the hard drive.
    10-05-2014 10:09 PM

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