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    Should I go with Iphone 6 Plus or Galaxy Note 4? Before answering please hear me out.

    Currently I am with Verizon and I am still grandfathered in to their unlimited data plan. Well they have been "optimizing" my data like crazy (which is their term for throttling). They have a deal going (because ATT started this deal but Verizon is right behind them) where you can get double the data for the same price as original..For instance a 15 gig plan would be 30 gig but at the cost of the 15 gig plan. I know I will lose my unlimited (I use a lot of data) but what good is it if they are going to "optimize" me and screw my speeds?

    With that being said I have been month to month for a while and have had to buy my phone at full retail because using my upgrade would cause me to not be on unlimited anymore. So, I bought a Galaxy S5 at full retail when it first came out and I still have my upgrade.

    I have had an android since the very FIRST Motorola Droid, with the exception of the 6 months or so where I had an Iphone 4S. The 4S was fine but i eventually went back to android. I had a note 2 and loved it but it started acting crappy so thats when I got the S5.

    I also have the new Surface Pro 3, which I love and can also run Andy the Android Emulator and still use all of the android apps.

    If I were to get the Iphone I would have access to all of the appstores and make the most out of it, plus I from what I hear I can still use my google play music, books, Chromecast, etc with the new iOS.

    I mainly have kept android for so long so I could tether my connection to other mobile devices or consoles/pc's (I know you could jailbreak an iphone and I did....but i didn't like it being jailbroke), but since I won't be on unlimited anymore, they offer the tethering as a free service now (i believe so anyways)

    I have no idea what to do, the stability and updates from the developer are tempting to me to go with the iphone 6 plus, plus some of the minor tweaks also interest me like being able to text from notification.

    But I have mostly been loyal to android and love the screen size and resolution of the Note 4 and more than likely it will take better photos.

    Please help me decide, and I really don't want this to get over-run by both android and ios fan-boys. I want an honest discussion.

    Keep in mind I have an android emulator on my surface tied to my actual google account, So i will still have access to android apps.
    10-05-2014 06:39 PM
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    Throughout my time with smartphones, I have used pretty much every recent OS (iOS, Android, Blackberry, WebOS, Windows Phone). I've had two iPhones (other phones were owned in between), but I've since gone back to Android and I don't think I will ever change. But that is my preference. I liked iPhone because of the build quality, and the quickness with updates, but now I'm on a Nexus 5 and I can't see myself ever changing from Android again. It appeals to me much more as a software developer and tech junkie. But, again, its my opinion.

    If I were you, since you like bigger phones, I would wait until Google announces the new Nexus. It's rumored to be 6 inches, and would get Android updates as fast as possible. I haven't been liking iPhone lately because they tend to be behind the times in technology, and focus so much on making the phone super thin and sleek.
    10-05-2014 09:29 PM

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