1. Mimi Martinez's Avatar
    can i swap a s3 motherboard for at&t to Verizon. the phone is jail broken so imei does not matter. my Verizon phone screen and digitizer are broken. the at&t phone is the one jail broken, i didn't want to change the screen because i feel like it will be easier to change the motherboard then having to replace the screen and digitizer. and take the chance of braking the At&t screen.
    10-06-2014 09:48 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Have you ever worked on the inside of a cellphone under supervision? If the answer is no, I strongly suggest that you don't even contemplate what you're talking about. Having the screen repaired is a lot cheaper than breaking something in replacing a motherboard, only to find out that no repair shop will touch the phone for any amount, so you have to buy a new phone.

    Since the shop warrants the phone they give you back to be in working condition, they have to spend the time, and you have to spend the money, for them to check EVERYTHING on the phone. When you come in to get the phone, and find out that they want $50 less than you can buy a new phone for, you won't pay it, so they get a lien on it and have to sell a used phone for less than the amount of work they put into it. They know, going in, that if they take the job they're going to have a disgruntled ex-customer [who might even cost them the expense of a law suit, even though they'd win] and they're going to lose money. That's an honest repair shop, anyway. A cheapie, "change our name every month" shop may charge you a reasonable price for the repair, but you won't be happy with it.

    I know. After losing a few thousand dollars trying to sell phones I had liens on, I made it blanket policy that anyone who took in a phone for repair that had obviously been worked on inside by the owner was fired - and he owned the job, so he could fix it or buy the customer a new phone.

    It takes time and experience to do something even as simple as replacing a motherboard without damaging something. (It takes a little experience to just open the phone up, then close it back up, without maybe catching a cable between two pieces of metal and cutting or shorting it when you screw the pieces back together.)
    10-06-2014 10:35 PM

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