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    and will touch wizz lagg on the note 4 which im afraid off ? basically is my main concern im so used to using apple phones idk how i will react to the note 4 any suggestions and does the software lagg alot like people say ?
    10-06-2014 09:53 PM
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    1) TouchWiz is the launcher. You can run any launcher you like on Android, you aren't limited to the one that comes on the phone. TouchWiz is just another app.

    2) Better in what regard? Speed? Storage? Audio quality? Screen? One is better in some respects, the other is better in other respects - and which is which is a matter of personal opinion. (There's no "absolute" in better.)

    3) If you want to be able to do what YOU want to your phone, an Android phone is better. If you want to do what Apple wants you to do with a phone, an iPhone is better.

    4) If the phone is run properly - iPhone, Windows phone, BlackBerry or Android, it won't lag. If you plan on keeping the Note 4 for 5 years, it'll probably be lagging terribly by that time, because the apps will be so much larger, and require so much more power. I have 2 apps that lag on my Note 3 - because the apps need modification for the new version of Android. I also have a solitaire game that gives hints so fast that you have to hit the hint button 4 or 5 times before you see a flash of where the move should be made to - the phone is too fast for the app.

    Any computer will lag under certain conditions. (Try running the Windows equivalent of Deep Blue and you can probably wait a few months for it to make a move.) Run 8GB of programs in a computer with a slow hard drive and 4GB of RAM and it crawls even with a super-fast CPU. But run one program that fits in RAM on that computer and it flies.

    Will a given app run faster on the iPhone than on the Note? The answer is different for each app. The app isn't just tweaked a little bit to run on the other phone - it's totally written from scratch to run on the iPhone (in Objective C) and on the Android (in Java). Java may be a C-ish language, but the architecture of the apps could be completely different on the two phones, making one or the other slower. The comparison you're trying to make is something that isn't in the realm of rationality, let alone possibility. It's like asking if brown is wetter than a tree.
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    10-06-2014 10:23 PM

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