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    I am trying to download pictures and videos taken on my Galaxy Tab3 (10inch) to my PC. I have connected the USB cable and searched through the directories of the tablet using my PC (windows software) but am unable to locate the hundred or so photos I have taken. When I look at settings/storage/pictures on the tablet, and select Gallery, a thumbnail for "Camera" comes up and displays "all" of my photos/videos.
    10-07-2014 06:54 PM
  2. KeepItReal's Avatar
    All Android Smartphones, including Tablets, use the main folder, DCIM....under DCIM there may be a 100Media, Facebook and Camera folder. The Camera folder will have the bulk of the pictures. Be cautious. When you get a Text, and save that picture, it will go into your Download directory. Instagram puts it's pictures into its own file.

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    10-07-2014 07:24 PM