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    Hi, I am a converted iphone user, I had my iphone 4 for four years! Finally I was able to upgrade and decided to switch to Android.

    I got this LG G3 about a week ago and started noticing it was getting a little warm when I played games. (Deadman's Cross and Clash of Clans) Once it got pretty warm on the button, it was almost too hot to touch. SO I downloaded a temperature app and have been watching it but I don't know how HOT is too hot for my phone?

    When it's idle it's around 105 F
    When I do reg. things like web, facebook, photos it's around 120 F - 130 F
    And when I game lightly it's at 140 F - 150 F and just recently I was gaming and it went up to 178 F

    SO are these normal temperatures? I'm just worried and still have time to take it back if this is going to be a problem.

    What are some dangerous temperatures I should be looking out for? Should I test it and play a game for a long time to see how hot it can get? Or should I be just keeping track and make sure I never over-use it... please help! :

    10-09-2014 01:01 PM

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