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    One day, I decided to restart my phone because I usually restart once a week to keep things smoothly. However, this time, something happened. After that, everything just messed up. I put on my music and it lagged for a second, and started to play the song. After the song was over, it lagged for a few seconds and just closed the music application. When I opened up the application again, it started to play again but I couldn't hear any sound from my earphones (it's not the earphones, I tried it another set, but it still did it). It continued to play, but I can't hear it. So I restarted my phone a couple of times to hear my music again. Also, after awhile after it goes smoothly again, it decides to mess up again, but instead, when I play a song, it says does not recognize the MP3 file and does it to each song. How do I fix this problem? It's been going on for three days now. It's annoying to restart every time. Don't suggest me to factory reset my phone or to clear cache the music app. I already did but it's still doing this. Help is appreciated.
    10-09-2014 11:02 PM

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