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    Dear Gurus,
    I have US T-mobile HTC One S unlocked and using in India right now. 5 days back it got turned OFF with low battery, from them it is not getting neither charged nor switched ON. I tried below steps.

    * Charged for whole day and tried turning on, just getting the htc welcome screen and display goes away.

    * Charged till the led goes solid green and tried turning ON, same result as above.

    * Tried Power + Vol down for Reboot and Recovery options, same results as above.

    I'm bit hesitant to give this to a service person as it has plenty of pics and this devise has internal memory and battery. Please help me to get this fixed, atleast I need to backup the pics as there were plenty of my new born son's pics.

    Thanks for your expertise.
    10-09-2014 11:28 PM

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