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    flip phone got wet lost screen saver but still could call out & receive calls took out battery placed in rice now phone is dead can memory be transfered to new flip phone
    10-10-2014 10:02 AM
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    I haven't seen a device recently that will allow transfer of data without being powered on. If the device will at least power on there is a chance. Being a flip phone are you sure the screen isn't just out, I guess what I'm asking is are you sure the phone is not coming on? If you are going to replace it without using insurance you might want to open it up and just take a look around and see if anything is corroded and can be cleaned to get it working long enough to transfer your data. Also if the device was working when you removed the battery and dried it if you didn't place the battery in the bag to dry it as well it could be that it's just the battery that is damaged. These newer batteries are just as susceptible as the electronics to water damage. If you know someone with the same device or one that uses the same battery you could ask to use it long enough to get your data, unfortunately I don't know of any recent devices that will power up on a charger without a battery. Then again you could get lucky and the battery is only damaged enough that it won't work on it's own but would with a charging cable.

    In my mind I see it this way;
    charging cable and current battery
    a friend's battery
    crack it open and check for corrosion then try the first two
    write it off

    This is under the assumption by the way you asked the question that this device doesn't have an SD or you are only concerned about the internal memory. Most SD cards are pretty rugged and can hand a little dampness.
    10-10-2014 10:38 AM

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