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    I updated my Samsung s3 this past spring and right when the update was done and finished, my phone turned off and won't turn on again. I had another Samsung s3 battery that I tried to troubleshoot that part of it and my battery worked on another phone. So my battery is in good working order. I have tried pressing the UP Volume button, Home button and Power button all at the same time and I get no response from the phone at all. Is there a way to fix this problem? Please?
    10-10-2014 01:23 PM
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    I suppose it could be a faulty power button, or associated circuitry or software.

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    10-10-2014 02:10 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    "This past spring"? I think you may have waited too long to get this fixed for free. When you get an over-the-air update (especially the S3 4.3 update, which was as buggy as an ant farm), if it causes any problems, the carrier is responsible for fixing them. (They broke it, they own the problem, the same as someone who smashes your windshield.) Bring it to the carrier and see if they'll reflash it for free at this late date. (Over the air updates do fail without any means of fallback. It's cheaper for them to fix the few that don't work than to do it right in the first place. (I know - I've written update-with-fallback software. If the update fails you're just still running the old version and you can download the update again.)
    10-10-2014 02:56 PM

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